Dr.Kathleen Foster

28 March 2018

“American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent”

A lecture funded by the Mary Ellis Jarvie Fund, established by our good friends and supporters, Jim and Christiane Valone in honor of a beloved family member.


Dr. Foster’s distinguished career as a curator began at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, then at the Indiana University of Art Museum, and continues today, after sixteen years, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  She is a respected leader in the field of American Art and a noted expert on the works of Thomas Eakins.

She also has assembled a definitive exhibition and catalog on the American Watercolor Movement.  The topic of our March lecture, it traces what has been called a “sea change” in American art history.  A “once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-a-generation” moment.

Dr. Foster’s long-standing interest in the American Watercolor movement began in graduate school when she started work on the collection of Edwin Austin Abbey.  Over the following decades, her strong connections and respect within her field allowed her to assemble over one hundred and seventy-five fragile works of watercolor, pieces rarely loaned due to their fragile state.  The result was the exhibition of a lifetime.


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