Jeff Harrison

24 January 2018

“American Maverick:  the Extraordinary Life and Collecting Career of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.”


Who better than the Chrysler Museum of Art’s own Jeff Harrison to deliver a lecture on the life and career of its founder, Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.


And happily for us, Mr. Harrison’s lecture – delivered to a standing-room only crowd- was videotaped in its entirety and edited to feature Harrison’s collection of slides, his wonderful expressions, and even the Q&A session after his talk.

We look forward to premiering the video this spring.  Watch our website for a link

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Jeff Harrison earned his BA in English literature and his PhD in the History of Art from the University of Virginia.  Following that, he performed fellowships at the Art History Institute at the University of Amsterdam and the National Gallery of Art.

Jeff had a thirty-three year career at the Chrysler Museum of Art beginning in 1982.  During that time, he was named the museum’s Research Curator and later its Curator of European Art.  From 1993 on he served as the museum’s Chief Curator and in 2014 received the honor of being named the IRENE LEACH CURATOR OF EUROPEAN ART.

While at the Chrysler, he organized and curated scores of exhibitions, from “Rembrandt in the Golden Age” to the wildly popular ” Art of Video Games.”

He published numerous books and articles on the museum’s permanent collection and on 16th Century Netherlandish Art.  His latest publication, American Art in the Chrysler Museum, appeared in 2005.

He was also a vital part of the team leading to the recent expansion and reinstallation of the museum and, at his retirement in 2015, was named Chief Curator Emeritus.

Mark Lewis, Conservator at the Chrysler, worked closely with Jeff during his time at the museum.  He describes him as passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgable.  he also  made the insightful comment that some experts can exclude you with their knowledge.  Jeff includes you with his.

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