Graham C. Boettcher

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Mr. Boettcher with NSA President McCarthy at coffee in the Chrysler Museum’s Huber Court pre-lecture-

29 November

Speaking on “Tiffany’s Dragons:  The Viking Revival in American Art”

Mr. Boettcher at a dinner prior to his lecture with the Chrysler Museum of Art’s former and current American Art Curators, Alex Mann (l) and Corey Piper (r)

Dr. Boettcher, the R. Hugh Daniel Director of the Birmingham Museum of Art, was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington.  He studied at Yale, where he received a BA in German Studies, went on to the University of Washington to receive his Masters in Art History, and then back to Yale for a PhD in the History of Art.

His early experience was as a curatorial fellow at the Yale University of Art and in fellowships at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth.  From there he joined the Birmingham Museum of Art as a fellow where his talents were quickly recognized ad rewarded.  Starting as a fellow, he advanced to Curator of American Art, to Chief Curator, to Deputy Director and finally and most recently, to Director.

Dr. Boettcher is known for his varied interests in art and his ability to make art accessible to everyone.  A look at the topics of some of his recent lectures exemplifies this, as well as his great sense of humor:

“From spanish Moss to Marinis:  American Art Pottery of the Early 20th Century”

“Bullies, Scamps and Whippersnappers:  Childhood Mischief in American Art”

Of particular note is a Ted Talk he gave, entitled, “The Art of Authenticity:  Real Experiences with Fakes.”

Dr. Boettcher has curated an array of exhibitions which further illustrate his tremendous reach.  they include exhibits on Norman Rockwell, eye miniatures, Southern quilts, body image, art of the Civil War, and Czech modern art.

We were fortunate to have this talented, dynamic and fun leader in the art world speaking with us on yet another of his compelling topics, “Tiffany’s Dragons:  the Viking Revival in American Art.”

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