Barry Bergdoll

25 October

Mr. Bergdoll, our Maybel Brown Lecturer, fascinated the audience with his lecture on “Unpacking the Archive:  Frank Lloyd Wright at 150”

Mr. Bergdoll before his lecture with Chrysler Museum Director Erik Neil

Mr. Berdoll’s twenty-three page CV catalogues an extensive list of publications written, courses taught, films organized, exhibitions collaborated upon and honors received.

He represents both the academic and curatorial worlds.  He is a professor of modern architectural history at Columbia University as well as a curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art.

While at MOMA, he has curated several major exhibitions, most noteworthy for us here in Norfolk, Va, is one entitled:  “Rising Currents:  Projects for the New York Waterfront.”

In 2012, professor Bergdoll was instrumental in bringing to MOMA and Columbia the archives of one of the most popular, controversial and fascinating architectural figures of the last century, Frank Lloyd Wright.  In 2014 he organized the first exhibition based on that archive, “Frank Lloyd Wright and the City,” followed by a second exhibition just recently closed at MOMA, and the topic of his lecture for the NSA, “Frank Lloyd Wright at 150:  Unpacking the archives.”

Professor Bergdoll is known for the cultural lens through which he views subjects, giving us a picture not only of the engineering and artistic sides of architectural works but of the social, economic and geographical world in which they were created.

He also spent three hours on the tarmac at La Guardia only to have his flight cancelled and then returned to the airport to catch an early enough flight this morning to deliver his lecture to a rapt and extremely grateful society of arts!

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