Colette Loll

13 September

“Grand Tales Behind Winterthur’s Exhibit of Treasures on Trial.”

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Collett Loll was the CEO of a marketing and software company for fifteen years when she decided to switch gears and pursue the study of a long time interest in decorative arts.  She packed her bags and moved to Washington, DC, to study the History of Decorative Arts at the Smithsonian Associates Corcoran College of Art and Design.  While there she developed an interest in art fraud.  Which took her to Italy for postgraduate studies in International Art Crime.

Since then she has conducted forensic investigations on suspect artworks, participated in documentary films, even trained Federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security.

She has curated several exhibitions, including the 2014-15 show, “Intent to Deceive,” which highlighted five of the world’s most notorious art forgers, examining not only their techniques but their con artist tactics and physiological profiles.

She is currently founder and director of Art Fraud Insights, a company specializing in art fraud detection, research and education.

She is also co-curator of an exhibit at Winterthur entitled, “Treasures on Trial:  the Art and Science of Detecting Fakes.”

Perhaps most interesting of all, we understand that she has a home filled with Picassos, Renoirs and Matisses.  Or DOES she?


…and at a dinner in her honor, hosted by the NSA, in the Chrysler Museum’s porcelain gallery the evening prior to her lecture.
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